Herzog’s Vision of Tanakh

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The Book of Books is the pillar of Jewish heritage and Western culture. Humanity drew its values ​​and its moral concept from the Jewish Tanakh. The Herzog Tanakh Project aims to make the chapters of the holy Tanakh and its values ​​accessible to people in many languages ​​all over the world and to strengthen the connection of the Jewish people to their common identity and heritage.

What does the Herzog Tanakh Project include?
The Herzog Tanakh Project aims to distribute and develop content using innovative and experiential methods and tools to wide audiences in Israel and around the world, in order to connect them to the Book of Books. 
The Project has developed a large website that includes diverse materials on all chapters of the Tanakh, an application for children to study the Tanakh, online courses, videos, maps and rulers. These tools are intended for the purpose of presenting and illustrating the Book of Books to various audiences.

The Tanakh as a story that creates an identity
Over the past year, the Herzog Tanakh Project in collaboration with United (the implementation arm of the Ministry of the Diaspora) has developed a unique program for schools around the world to teach Tanakh as a story that creates identity.
The program is called "The Tanakh is our Story" and it is currently being written in three languages ​​– English, Spanish and French – for middle school students in the Diaspora.In the coming months, the pilot program for teaching the story of the Exodus in an innovative way will be distributed.
The program offers an expanded toolbox for teaching this story: online lesson plans, digital and printed materials, an interactive map for a virtual tour of ancient Egypt, videos and posters to illustrate the story visually.
All this through active and experiential learning that combines relevant content with pedagogy. 

Come join us!

The Exodus from Egypt in a diagram

The story of the Exodus from Egypt, the story of the birth of the Jewish People, has its ups and downs.It all started with a severe affliction on body and soul, continued with the hope of growth in leadership and the beginning of salvation, until the Exodus to physical and spiritual freedom, receiving the Torah, and complete freedom.The story takes place within a geographical reality, which begins in the low Nile Valley and ends on the high Mount Sinai, on the way up to the land of Canaan.The following diagram presents the story of the Exodus from these two aspects; a viewpoint that is significant for all generations up to the present day.

Team & Credits

Founder of the program and advisor
Rabbi Dr. Shuki Reiss
Tanakh Herzog
Project Head
Limor Riskin
Project Manager
Sharon Rosner
Orit Lasser
Writing Team
Yifat Mor Rozenson
Dr. Chaviva Speter- Levladaat
Sharon Rosner
Herzog Global Team:
Rabbi Reuven Spolter
Rabbi Shalom Berger 
Shmuel Kornblit

UnitEd Team:
Rabbi Scot A. Berman
Eliezer Schilt
Oved avrech

Herzog College:
Yedaya Levin,
Tzachi Lev Ran,
Liora Shamash,
Hadas Meitav
Shaul Hochberger
Laure Halber
Rabbi Shalom 
BergerIlana Goodman
UX & Development
Netanel Shpigel
Main Graphic Design
Yoni Salmon
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